Fight Vaccine Mandates With These Proven Action Steps

#FightVaccineMandates - Michelle Maher Ford of the Vaccine-Injury Awareness League gives us a complete rundown on how to fight vaccine mandates by finding your vaccine skeptic tribe, following the National Vaccine Information Center updates, finding your legislators and most importantly, how to communicate with your legislators about vaccine topics (including vaccine injury, vaccine facts and vaccination problems).

Fight Vaccine Mandates with these actions steps:

1. Find your tribe:

2. Get in touch with the National Vaccine Information Center: (general info) (legislative alerts and advocacy)

3. Know your legislators:
Sign up for their email updates and go to their functions

4. Treat legislative staff with respect.

5. Get the Vaccine Injury Compensation Report:

6. Stay focused on the specifics of the bill as opposed to generalized information that is outside the scope of the bill. Be laser focused on why you oppose or agree with the bill and be specific.

7. Stay calm and friendly when talking with legislators and their staff.

8. Meet with your legislators regularly.

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