One week into a Biden administration and it's already awful

Published January 26, 2021 971 Views

Rumble Today, The Two Mikes hogged the show for themselves to discuss the farce that is calling itself the Biden Administration. The actions it has taken since January 20th amount to something very near a declaration of war against the Constitution, white people, blue-collar Americans, infants, the economy, and the republic's traditions and history.

In one area Biden has declared war on all Americans. He freed 14,000 illegal-alien criminals from ICE detention, and these felons will reinforce the Democrats' terrorist army of BLM, Antifa, and all the other felons that were freed by Democratic governors during the Chinese Flu. We also noted that Biden has rewarded foreign interference in our election.

It appears that Biden and his family will assume the task of providing the same information to their masters Beijing. As an opening gift to China, moreover, Biden issued an executive order giving the Chinese the go-ahead to become owners of parts of the U.S. power grid. From these few things, it seems clear that the Democrats are both traitors and insurrectionists, and so must be removed.