Scuba diver meets gigantic manta ray up close in Galapagos Ilands

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Scuba diving opens up an underwater world for the adventurous, allowing them a glimpse into a mysterious and beautiful realm. It is a world of breath taking beauty and animals that defy description. One of the most fascinating is the giant manta ray, a flat fish that moves gracefully through the ocean by flapping its enormous wings. They filter zooplankton and feed by moving through the water with their mouth open. Elongated fins on the front of their heads help to channel water into their mouths, aiding in the feeding process.

Intelligent animals, manta rays have one of the highest brain to body mass ratios of all fish. They are gentle creatures, despite their immense size, and they are occasionally curious. A respectful scuba diver may find himself able to approach a manta, or he may find that the manta swims close to him, allowing for a close look for those who are so lucky.

Similar to whales, manta rays often breach, leaping out of the water for reasons that are not fully understood. It could be part of a mating ritual or to rid themselves of parasites and remoras. Manta rays can be found swimming alone or in groups of 50 or more. With a wingspan of up to 7m (23 feet), they are an awe inspiring sight. This scuba diver was thrilled to capture this close encounter on film and he was even more thrilled to find later that his scuba partner had also captured the two of them together.

Although scuba diving is a safe sport and it offers entry into a peaceful and relaxing environment, it should only be done after proper training to avoid dangers and mishaps.

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