Breakdown of CozyMikeLindell Happenings Thread

2 years ago

This video is a breakdown of what I thought were the more interesting points from @MikeLindell's "Happenings" thread.

The Set from Independence Day

Guy in the Biden audience wearing a hat from Castle Rock Studios (probably from gift shop)

Rob Reiner Relaunches Castle Rock Entertainment 1/16/21

It's all fake

Germany Tweets out a picture of a set of a fake White House

Lin Wood tells us we're watching a movie

Biden CGI fail

Background of Biden White House does not match real White House and old curtains do not match real ones

Line of Sight would put the Truck in the window of Biden's WH in the pool

The Inauguration footage was prerecorded with Jill Biden's shoes changing

Rumor that USA Corp is already disbanded

Reflections reveal fakery

Cover stories for why Biden was locked out of White House and Kamala Harris is not staying in the VP place

Biden doesn't have a USSS Call Button

Field of Flags missing

Background goes to white wall

The new Signature does not match

Biden White House does not have the Military Flags

Washington DC Lights out

Biden received the gun salute of a foreign dignitary

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