Biden's First Week Bombshells You Won't Believe

Published January 25, 2021 26 Views

Rumble After signing dozens of executive orders, President Biden confirms he is not a moderate but as far left as anyone we have ever seen in the Oval Office. Biden has the U.S. on track to rejoin the WHO, The Paris Climate Accord, reverses Trump's order on transgenders in the military, shuts down the XL Pipeline, and even proposes that people afraid of getting Covid can quit their jobs and get unemployment. He is also considering proposal that would tax you for every mile that you drive your car - and this is just week one.

That whole theory about Democrat cities locking down to influence the election might just be true after all. Blue states begin to open indoor dining and bars just one week after Biden takes office. The impeachment trial is set to begin in just two weeks, we now learn that the huge military presence in DC will continue for two more months, and there will still be a Super Bowl this year but will anyone be watching?