Black Times - Black and White World

Published January 25, 2021 135 Views $0.05 earned

Rumble Title: Black Times
Artist: Black and White World
Album: Life Explodes

I prayed to you in patience
I've been humbled to my knees
Begging you for mercy
In these times of need
But it seems an eternity
For you to answer my call
As I continue to fall
Into these

Black Times

I worshiped the ground you walked on
Obeyed your every plea
Wearing blinders of naivete
In fear I could not see
That the man I once had modeled
And looked to as pristine
Has now deceived me with this lie
And darkened the place where
we've been
In these

Black Times

It's the downside of love
That will drag you through the dung
Tying the knot in your gut
That has only just begun
Everything will remind you
You can't seem to get away
As your emotions are on overdrive
And your innocence decays
In these

Black Times

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