How Do We Know Which Side Is Right In Politics? | Cancel This #16

Published January 25, 2021 396 Views

Rumble How do you know you are the good in good versus evil?

Despite the abundantly clear toxicity of cancel culture, it is nonetheless true that those who propagate cancel culture are convinced of their own heroism. Furthermore, those who oppose cancel culture are also convinced of their own virtue. There is no mustache twirling villain. We all want to believe our political beliefs are those which will be remembered as heroic in history.

So how do we know which side is right in politics?

John Murawski is a writer for Real Clear Investigations. He has recently spent some time analyzing cancel culture in the corporate world and is deeply educated in the nuances of both sides. By addressing the reality that both sides want to be the "good guy," we may be in a position to seek some unity in our polarized time.

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