Mining Copper Ore in Mojave Desert, California

Published January 25, 2021 64 Views

Rumble In the mid-1800's significant gold and copper deposits were discovered in the Soledad Canyon area of Los Angeles County. It became known as the "Soledad Mining District" and the mining town of Ravenna, CA was born. Ravenna was short lived when the mining did not prove profitable and it is long gone today but the town of Acton is a stones throw from where Ravenna once stood. </p><p>There were countless small mining operations throughout the area with a few mines that became very large and profitable. One of the early copper ore deposits discovered was in an area called Barrel Springs and the Palm Mine was one of the larger mining operations. Kidz Rocks has explored dozens of the old mines in the region and the Palm Mine produces the nicest copper ore specimens of all of them.

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