The Chinese Communist Party Has No Business in America's Critical Infrastructure

Published January 25, 2021 942 Views


A preeminent concern about a Biden-Harris presidency is whether those two “old friends” of Communist China will do its bidding to America’s great detriment. One of the administration’s first, ominous acts suggests they are so inclined.

An initial Biden Executive Order clears the way for the Chinese to increase the presence in our electric grid of their transformers, chips and other technology, blocking the implementation of a sensible Trump directive requiring the elimination of such foreign equipment from our most critical infrastructure.

The risks of this concession are incalculably high. If the Chinese gear fails, or is deliberately disabled by Beijing, the effect could be a protracted – and possibly catastrophic – interruption of electricity essential to our economy, society and lives.

This decision is also a warning of other, dangerous appeasement of the Chinese Communist Party to come. It must be reversed now.

This is Frank Gaffney.