Great Voice Military Notification/ Castle Rock in every Stephen King movie

Published January 24, 2021 399 Views

Rumble Remember PreZ Trump's tweet prior to suspension saying We all would have a Great Voice?

Great Voice- A voice announc­ing system using exterior speakers, commonly termed "Giant Voice," that provides real-time information or instructions to most outdoor areas.
By American Signals

Who is the Lead on Defense!
For their side 5 is Death and Defense [just who do you suppose is their Real enemy and threat?].
For US...5 is Grace, Redemption
Let's Go, We raise your 5 with our Very Own Trump Card so Get Ready!

Castle Rock in every Stephen King movie
Castle Rock Entertainment
Castle Rock Culver City, CA
Castle Rock, Main

Dead Zone Plague Castle Rock
Dead Zone Deja Voodoo
Dead Zone The Storm

My research notes used in this article which contain more sources found here,
What is Giant Voice. Tweeted prior to PreZ Trump's Suspension. Military Mass Comm System? Here is the evidence. History, Power and Reach of FEMA.

Special Ops historically set up by President Kennedy in the event of an Emergency for We the People?

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