Here is the GLOBAL PANDEMIC SCRIPT for Humanity, 2025 to 2028

Published January 24, 2021 7,860 Views

Rumble DIANA LENSKA does a great job showing you that the COVID-19 PLANdemic is a False Flag Event, FAKE News, Psychological Operation (PsyOp), and ALL ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER CONTROL, not a flu virus.

It has always been about CONTROL, not a common cold or annual flu.


The .1% who are the founders of Agenda 21 World Depopulation Conspiracy against humanity, and the Covid 19/Great Reset are using disease as a tool to take full control over the masses in order to herd everyone into their New World Order. Couldn't be more obvious in January 2021!

Everyone needs to know this is being planned for ALL OF US by people who want to depopulate the world (cull the overpopulated herd). Please do your research, and pass the information along!

... and disable advertisements! No kidding :)