Kristina's Story - Song For Kristina Karamo Volunteer Poll Worker/Whistle Blower An Original Song

3 years ago

I read a news article about a volunteer poll worker/whistle blower named Kristina Karamo. Kristina was a GOP member who worked at the polls in Michigan. Kristina told a story of what she witnessed and how she was treated by her fellow poll workers on the night of the election. Her story saddened me, as it should for anyone who still believes in democracy and freedom of uncensored speech, and compelled me to write this song. Kristina's story is a tragedy that needs to be told and passed along to others.


Kristina's Story - Song For Kristina Karamo Volunteer Poll Worker/Whistle Blower

Verse 1
I’m a volunteer worker,
I worked at the polls.
To take part in election,
Was my only goal.
They threatened my children,
And then threatened me,
They Couldn’t stand that I worked
With the GOP.

How did it get like this?
I don’t really see,
Can somebody tell me
Where’s the Democracy?

Verse 2
I believe in fair elections,
I did support Trump,
I’ll tell you that I witnessed
A 3:30 ballot dump.
Mainstream media ignored it,
No one listed to me.
They refused to hire
Challengers from the GOP.

I saw some ballots spoiled,
But none were cast off;
The poll workers surrounded
like a mean pack of dogs.
They said that one should go
To the Democrat.
Their eyes looked like demons
From the place where I sat.

Verse 3
I wanted to be a poll worker,
No Republicans applied,
That’s what the clerk told me;
I think the clerk lied.
I’m here to report it,
I’ve contacted the news.
While they replace a true story
With the lies that they choose.

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