Secret Societies and Conspiracies with Dr Mark Mirabello

Published January 24, 2021 37 Views

Rumble Dr. Mark L. Mirabello, author and a Professor of History at Shawnee State University in the USA, has served as a Visiting Professor of History at Nizhny Novgorod University in Russia.

He has appeared on the History Channel, discussing "Deadly Cults" on the "Ancient Aliens" series, he was a featured guest on Regina Meredith's Open Minds on Gaia television, and he has appeared with with Professor Noam Chomsky in M.A. Litter's maverick film documentary on freedom, "Kingdom of Survival."

Mirabello has been featured in numerous radio programs and podcasts, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Beyond Reality Radio hosted by Jason Hawes and JV Johnson.

Mirabello's area of expertise is the "outlaw" history on the "frontiers and margins" of human civilization. He lectures on Alternative Religions and Cults, Secret Societies, Terrorism and Crime, "Banned Books," Fascist Europe and Nazi Germany, Myths and Legends, Intellectual History, and other subjects.

His publications deal with the supernatural (The Traveler's Guide to the Afterlife and The Odin Brotherhood), the unnatural (The Cannibal Within), and the natural (Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws).

Mirabello has a Ph.D. from the University of Glasgow (Scotland) and an M.A. from the University of Virginia (U.S.A.)