The Hollywood "HOAX" Inauguration - WTF?!

Published January 23, 2021 1,928 Views

Rumble 1-23-21
You're watching the last minutes of this INSANE EVIL UNREALITY SHOW!! WTF!! We are counting the minutes to FREEDOM!!
President Trump has taken on this Biblical life changing event for us, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE REST OF HUMANITY!
The proudest day of my life was attending The SAVE AMERICA MARCH!
I was standing at the front of the line, side by side in Washington all night with Americas Top Patriots and Warriors! They came from all over the Country and World. It was the proudest day of my life!
I will be sharing my journey and videos of this once in a lifetime moment in time. Thank you President Trump for never giving up on us and SAVING THE WORLD, WE LOVE YOU!
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