Editorial 24th January 2021 Current Affairs Dandenong Conservative

Published January 23, 2021 187 Views

Rumble It is apparent that the judge of Parler v Amazon considers themselves a swamp creature. In a decision regarding the case, the judge has laid claim to Parler facilitating right wing Trump extremists to violence on 6th January Capitol Riots. We as a community know that to not be the case. Trump called for a peaceful march and Antifa gave Democrats a pretext to prevent critical examination of voter fraud in the 2020 election. We know Antifa use FB and Twitter etc to organise, but not Parler, which they shun. Parler is apolitical. Parler has processes preventing the abuses evident on Twitter and FB. In prejudging what the case entails, the judge should recuse themselves, but being a swamp creature, they won't. This is yet another example of the abuse of power for which the murderous Cabal is known. In denying a stay of Amazon's denial of service to Parler, the judge is merely enlarging the damages entailed by the abuse of power of the Cabal. It is not subtle. It is not accidental. The judge is playing a role for the Cabal.

The murderous activity of the Cabal cannot be ignored. Their victims are in the millions. One example is the mishandling of COVID-19 so as to facilitate voter fraud. Lots of people have died from COVID-19, which is not as deadly as a bad 'flu, but which, untreated, can have dire effects. The Cabal have timed treatment for COVID-19, denying what was available to the sick so as to maintain states of emergency, and infecting the weakest so as to overstate the potency of the disease. That is why Dem state victims are some 5 times more likely to die than GOP state victims, as of July 2020. Not only is the Cabal murderous, they are also indiscriminate. And yet victims of the Cabal also seem to be targeted.