There's Water Spraying Everywhere

Published January 23, 2021 52 Views

Rumble Originally uploaded to Youtube May 29th, 2020

Our cistern sustained some damage this winter and we are finally able to have a look and see what it is going to take to get it fixed.


Steadfast farm is a small, 15 acre homestead located on the Canadian Prairies, situated in the heart of Saskatchewan. We moved to the farm in 2011, began with chickens and goats in 2012 and started our family in 2015. Though we are not certified organic, we are 'rooted in nature', employing herbal remedies, focusing on nutrition, using practical homeopathy where applicable and growing our food (both fruits/vegetables and animals) without the input of chemical products. We are 'rebel' canners, fermenters, and foragers; parents, teachers and gardeners; she's a gamer turned homesteader and he's returning to the land.

There's a lot of work to be done, both daily and long term! Our goal is to give back to those who helped us by sharing what they have learned by doing the same! We've learned the hard way what works for us, and we tend to do things differently than many others. With great anticipation, we have huge hopes for our channel! We hope you find something unique here that helps you and that you join us here for more of our crazy, unfiltered, sometimes messy, and always authentic life.

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