Experiments With Hope - Episode 36: Time Management

2 years ago

NOTE: This episode was recorded on March 4th, 2019 and moved from YouTube on January 23rd, 2021.

America was built by entrepreneurs. Now, panicked and ignorant bureaucrats and media bobbleheads (many of whom have never built anything from the ground up) are destroying small businesses with their short-sighted response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Yes, something needed to be done to save lives. But, we MUST have a conversation about the livelihoods that are being ruined by our response to this crisis. There's a myth in the American consciousness that says "economies run on spending." This is one of the most ignorant and pervasive mantras in our society. Economies run on PRODUCTION. And entrepreneurs are the producers of the American economy. 

Yet, right now loads of ignorant and unbelievably stupid bureaucrats and political hacks in the media are shutting down small businesses, and, again, making the stupid mistake of assuming that government "stimulus" (aka, money-printing) will sustain our economy in this time. If you want to save the American Economy from this crisis, get the HELL out of our way and let us (the entrepreneurs who make economies work) do our damn jobs.

Yes, there is danger in just "letting this thing rip," and I'm not saying we should do nothing. But, Americans are not children or cowards. We risk our lives to take care of ourselves and our family every time we leave the damn house to drive to our jobs. We risk our financial futures, our dignity and our relationships to build the products and to fulfill the services that make this economy work.

That's our right as human beings. To lay it all on the line to fight for our dreams and for the people we love. Anyone who wants to take this right away and who assumes that they can build a healthy society using the vehicle of government is a moron and a tyrant. Those are today's thoughts on what the Coronavirus crisis is doing to the American economy. Yes, this is not a popular point to be making. But, my guess is that within the next 3 to 6 months, people will finally start to realize that we should have been talking about this from the start. 

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