Friendly Meadows TGC2019 Demo Round

3 years ago

Friendly Meadows Golf Course in Hamersville, OH has been recreated using the TGC 2019 golf course design feature. Friendly Meadows is a public course about thirty miles east of Cincinnati. The course has a reputation for having some of the best greens in the region.

I set out to recreate my favorite course so I can play it at home on TGC 2019. I don't have the tools or the skills to create an exact replica, but hopefully the results at least give the look and feel of Friendly Meadows to those familiar with the course.

This video includes a flyover of each hole and a demo round that I played... and I must say I played pretty well, at least on the front nine. There are also a not so glamorous moment... but I'm not talking about it.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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