Cute Funny dog eats full ice cream!

Published January 22, 2021 20 Views

Rumble โ€” Funny dog eats full ice cream!
Once the ice cream truck arrives the fun begins. The Doberman Kruz can hardly contain his excitement. The owner almost has to restrain him. The people driving the truck really seem to get a good laugh out of the dog's reaction. They are enjoying this just as much as the dog does. Once the truck comes to a full stop itโ€™s decision-making time. The dog barks with excitement because he knows the moment has arrived. The owner points to the various pictures of ice cream flavors displayed on the trucks side panel. He says "You want one of these? " Then he makes his order. Looks like it will be a Sundae Crunch, a Banana Fudge, and a Strawberry. The anticipation is almost too much for this dog, His tongue is hanging out and the owner really has to hold him back. The man in the truck selects the chosen flavors and hands it over to the dogโ€™s owner.

Now the real fun begins. The owner of the dog, clad in a sheriff's t-shirt unwraps the delicious cold treat but before offering it to the dog, he places a chunk of it on the dog's forehead and tells the dog to wait patiently until he says he can eat it. Once he gives the go-ahead, the dog snaps his head which propels the cold treat into the air and right into the dog's powerful jaws. This isn't the end of the entertainment. Next up is a demonstration of the bang-bang you're dead trick. The dog drops to the ground and plays dead like a classic Hollywood acting dog. It's too cute!

What an adorable pair. This man clearly loves his dog just like a child and it really shows. Kruz the Doberman is having the time of his life and the ice cream truck is truly the highlight of his day. This video serves to remind us that it's the simple things in life that can bring the most happiness. Do your dogs also enjoy a taste of ice cream on occasion? Tell us your stories in the comments section below and if you got a kick out of this video please share it with your friends!