Shadow Stalker

Published January 22, 2021 91 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble This is a movie my friend Ed and I created back in August of 2001, for entry into a horror movie competition. The competition was cancelled thus never happened, but we were left with gaining some experience on movie-making at it's rawest level. We had plenty of fun making this, so please, enjoy "Shadow Stalker"!

A renegade thief breaks into a highly classified government facility and steals a dangerous amount of uranium 238 to sell on the black market. Will this agent make it out of the surrounding corn field alive, or will he get caught by the top secret on site security. Watch and find out how it all goes down!

This is a short cheesy horror film my friend Ed and I made in basically 2 nights in the summer of 2001. ( This is a short version of the original, in order to fit under the 10 minute Youtube regulation ). Please leave a comment on what you think.