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Deputy Cody Jett of the Clay County Sheriff's Office assists Deputy Victor Mendez in conducting a traffic stop. The deputies explain to the male driver and two passengers that their license plate light is out. Deputy Jett asks all of the passengers to exit the car after noticing they exhibited odd behavior when he spoke to them and obtains permission from the driver to search the vehicle. While talking to one of the female passengers, she tells Deputy Jett that she saw the male driver throw something in the backseat of the car but she wasn't sure what it was. As the detectives searched the vehicle, they found a small amount of what appeared to be crack inside the vehicle. Deputy Jett tests the substance and it tests positive for crack cocaine. Deputy Jett talks to the male passenger and he confirms the narcotics belonged to the driver. Deputy Jett talks to the driver about the narcotics they found but he quickly denies the drugs belong to him although he was pulled over the night before and officers found a crack pipe in his possession. The driver is arrested for the possession of narcotics.


Clay County Sheriff's Office

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