Victim of Circumstance, COPS TV SHOW

Published January 22, 2021 1,565 Views $0.02 earned

Rumble Deputy Aaron Williamson and Lieutenant James McRae of the Nye County Sheriff's Department respond to a trespassing call. The caller reports that he was pulling up to a job site when he noticed a vehicle parked in the garage of an unoccupied property he works at. When he approached the vehicle, there was a man sitting in the passenger seat who claimed to have been dropped off there by a friend. He quickly changes his story and claims the car belongs to him and takes off. The caller not convinced by either story decides to follow the driver. Deputy Williamson and Lieutenant McRae spot the vehicle and are able to box it in and get the driver into custody. The suspect tells Deputy Williamson that he is a federal cadaver dog informant and that he's simply a victim of circumstance. While searching for the suspect's driver's license in a black bag inside the vehicle, Deputy Williamson finds more than a dozen credit cards and identifications of various people. The man states that he has a right to have all of those IDs and credit cards but will be charged with possession of the identification cards, obtaining a credit card by false pretenses, and his car will be towed.

Nye County Sheriff's Office