Brightly colored blue jay is extremely picky about his peanuts

Published January 22, 2021 9,200 Views $5.26 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeBlue jays are a welcome sight at any back yard bird feeder, with their beautiful plumage and vivid colour. Noisy and bold, they are often the first to arrive at back yard bird feeders, and the most likely to announce their presence with shrieks and calls. Other birds watch them and follow, hoping to find food where the fuss can be found. Blue jays are also easy prey for hawks and owls, as they fly slowly compared with other birds.

Blue jays are one of the most beautiful birds that can be attracted to a feeder. They enjoy a wide variety of nuts and seeds and they delight both amateur and experienced bird watchers alike.

This blue jay seems intent on finding the perfect peanut and he picks one up and discards it, repeating this several times before flying off with his prize. Somehow, he must be able to tell which shells hold the most delicious peanuts.