Birthday Suit Blues, COPS TV SHOW

Published January 22, 2021 232 Views

Rumble Officer Andrew Loos, of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, responds to a call of a naked man - only wearing a cowboy hat - breaking and entering into a nearby house. Upon arriving, Officer Loos is met by an agitated male victim who claims the naked man was sitting on his porch before walking into the house next door. The suspect is found lying on the couch, wearing nothing but a birthday hat inside his sister's apartment. The woman explains that her brother is visiting and that his behavior is not typical of him. However, the man claims he has not taken any illegal substances. Officer Loos realizes the man is experiencing excited delirium since he proclaims peace, love, and happiness one second and then quickly becomes aggressive. Officer Loos deescalates the situation from getting physical or violent until the paramedics arrive. The suspect will be taken to the hospital for medical evaluation, however, the victim is dissatisfied with the entire situation.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department