Jamaican Me Crazy for Tint, COPS TV SHOW

Published January 22, 2021 602 Views $0.02 earned

Rumble While on patrol Deputy Alexander Foster, of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, stops a vehicle with illegal tint leaving a known drug area. The male driver explains that he was in the area picking up his female friend from the mobile home park. The driver fails to show his license but proceeds to give the officer his passport. Deputy Foster identifies the male driver and discovers his license is suspended for previously obtaining a fraudulent license. He is also currently on probation for a drug violation. Officers search the vehicle and find illegal substances meanwhile the female passenger admits she has contraband in her purse. Although illegal substances were found in the vehicle the male driver is adamant that his life is being ruined due to overly tinted windows. The driver is detained.


Pinellas County Sheriff's Office