Only in America, COPS TV SHOW

Published January 22, 2021 393 Views

Rumble Officer Kaleb Brewer of the Wichita Police Department spots a male driver not wearing a seat belt. At first, the driver is cooperative but proceeds to drive-off as Officer Brewer conducts his investigation. After a brief chase, the male driver pulls into a driveway. As officers search the vehicle they find a small baggy containing marijuana and a fake firearm meanwhile, the driver becomes agitated while waiting in the squad car. Officer Brewer discovers the male driver has deliberately slammed his head against the car cage causing a small cut on his forehead. He claims to be claustrophobic and frustrated about the arrest. The driver asks Officer Brewer why a forty-year-old must be told to wear a seat belt after all he says, "This is America!"

Wichita Police Department