She's a Fireball, COPS TV SHOW

Published January 22, 2021 1,196 Views $0.59 earned

Rumble Deputy Aaron Williamson, of the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, responds to a call of a woman who is reportedly driving while intoxicated. While on patrol Deputy Williamson spots the suspect's vehicle and pulls the driver over. The female driver recognizes Deputy Williamson - he frequents the restaurant she works at - and greets him as if they are close friends. As the deputy approaches the woman, the pungent smell of alcohol is prevalent. She admits to drinking the night before but becomes upset to learn that someone reported her. She believes her ex-husband set her up since she had just dropped off their child at his residence. She is adamant that she is not intoxicated and agrees to take a field sobriety test but refuses a breathalyzer test. A blood test will be required to prove she is not driving while intoxicated. The woman fails the field sobriety test and blames her ex-husband for it instead of considering the danger she put her child in. While searching the vehicle, Deputy Williamson locates multiple mini-bottles in the vehicle. She is arrested for suspicion of DUI, driving on a revoked license, and having open containers in the vehicle.

Nye County Sheriff's Office