How to Reverse Sear a Steak

Published January 22, 2021 1,511 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble We go through how to reverse sear a steak in this video. In order to reverse sear steak, all you need is an oven, a thermometer and a pan. This cooking technique is amazing for giving you a tender steak with a great char.
If you have never tried to cook steak in the oven or to cook steak on the stove, this easy method combines both of those techniques into a simple, approachable and fool proof way to cook steak. Similar to when you sous vide steak, the reverse sear slowly breaks down the connective tissues in the meat and gently dissolves the fat, leaving you with a perfect cut ready to cook on the stovetop or grill.
This technique isn't just for the oven either. You could do the same reverse sear method using a smoker, giving you a delicate smoke kiss before charring your steak to perfection. We use a tomahawk ribeye steak for this video, but this works great with filets, thick new york strip steak, or any thick cut steak.
Once you try this steak recipe you will never want to cook another tomahawk steak that isn't reverse seared.

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