Callinex Mines Gains 30% On Positive Metals Discovery Momentum

Published January 22, 2021 24 Views

Rumble An important update for those of you following Callinex Mines, which we first covered on Jan 12, 2021.

We review the importance of Zinc in the market and why Zinc companies have done very well in 2020. Zinc is used in galvanizing metals, making brass, in medicinal purposes, and in the manufacture of automotive and electrical components. Zinc is the fourth most used metal on the planet.

Zinc is often mined in VMS deposits which exist at nor near surface. This means mining costs are lower, leading to healthy returns. Zinc polymetallic mines also come with healthy amounts of copper, gold, and silver.

We are interested in VMS mines because zinc, copper, gold, and silver are all in bull markets in 2020. In fact, copper recently reached 7 year highs in price due to worldwide demand.

The truth is that zinc, copper, and silver are all critical to the space and technology economies, and the world cannot get enough of them right now. Zinc is also used in health products for prevention of upper respiratory infections, which as we can see from events in 2020, is expected to be a rapidly growing market across the world.

Therefore, VMS projects, such as the ones that Callinex is exploring, set up investors very well for future potential price appreciation.

Callinex trades on the TSX-V (CNX) and on the OTC Market (CLLXF).

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