2021: Looking Forward

Published January 21, 2021 154 Views

Rumble During this episode of Battlefront: Frontline, host Dustin Faulkner takes a look back at the year of 2020 to see where we've come from, followed by analysis of what we need to do moving forward in 2021. With our entire world being turned upside down, now is the time for us to see who we can trust and we cannot.

COVID-19 truly affected the entire world. The aftermath of this "pandemic" has been nothing short of catastrophic. What's interesting about this is that the true catastrophe was not the virus itself, but the governmental response to the coronavirus. The unending lockdowns, jobs taken away, curfews implemented, businesses shutdown, face mask requirements, social distancing, churches being told how to conduct services... so much of our life has changed over the past year. The question becomes, what are we going to do about it so that we do not continue down this dangerous path of tyranny from our elected officials?

As we look to 2021, we must learn from the mistakes made in 2020. We are facing an attempt by the government to continue on with these authoritarian lockdowns and mandates. As Conservatives and Americas, will we comply? Or will we take on the spirit of our Founding Fathers and rise up, push back and resist? If we are going to save America, it's now or never. Let's make 2021 the year that we take back our country!