Aladay Mobile Media Update

Published January 21, 2021 157 Views

Rumble We may not agree on political philosophy. That said seriously, I worry about the country I love. The tag line for Aladay Mobile Media is
"Just the Truth"
This next administration, IMHO, will destroy this country...And I worry about this talk about "re-education" of Trump supporters. Or silencing voices that speak truth. What happened on the 6th was staged and set up to make MAGA supporters look bad. ANTIFA was allowed into the capitol building I have videos of security opening doors....I have seen what is on Hunter Bidens laptop. I have not done 1/1000.000.000 of what he has done and I'm not on film doing it. I went out and purchased 75 bucks in traveling food for my grab-n-go bag should Biden hold true to what he has said he is going to do. I fear they may come after the speech in my productions...
That said I will never shut my mouth and roll over...I will always bring my viewers the facts as I find them and present them in the most respectful manner that I can. While sometimes I can become animated, I mean no disrespect to anyone for their political beliefs of philosophy. This is part of being an American, civil discourse has been a cornerstone of this country for over 250 years people died for the right to speak freely, whether you agree with the speech or not you have the right to speak with out reprisal. Unless of course you lie about people. Just the Truth, because when you tell the never have to remember anything. Thanks for tuning folks. Everyone be safe I'll be back in a few days...

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