The Shot Heard Round the World (not what I expected)

There's comms all over the place. Every time I start to think nothing is happening something really weird comes out and I'm not sure what to think. I'm starting to wonder if the next few days are going to just be weird stuff happening behind the scenes.


Purple Revolution

Biden appears to be on a movie set; not in the oval office

No Executive Orders actually signed?

MonkeyWrx Troops not exfiltrating DC (not supposed to leave till 24th)

Voice that sounds like Hunter talking about accepting a plea deal on a hot mic while Biden is speaking

Helicopter went down near finger lakes. Finger lakes tattooed on Hunter Biden's back. Area known for human trafficking

Biden's videos on YouTube heavily disliked

Dislike the innauguration if you get a chance

Biden gaffe says "salute the Marine" to the Marine

Huma Abedin started posting again

Dan Scavino "marker 1" (11.3 is marker 1)

Christopher Steele Admitted to FBI in 2017 he leaked the Russian Collusion hoax during 2016 election to help HRC

FBI released batch of Flynn Interviews

Senator Hawley blocks quick consideration of Biden's DHS nominee

Whitleblower complaint that Haspel covered up illegal intelligence laundering

Biden has Soldiers sleeping on the ground again

Biden Articles of Impeachment

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