Scroll Saw Blade Storage

3 years ago

In this video I make a scroll saw blade holder. I try using magnets but they end up not being strong enough. So then I make a cleat-type thing so I can hang it from my scroll saw. It didn’t turn out like I hoped but it should work just fine. Then I learned about some really strong magnets that would probably work, so I may get those and try them out! Then I made another one that I attached to the wall and show that at the end of the video real quick. If you want to make a scroll saw blade holder I recommend finding a pattern online and following that since mine isn’t that great. But I did enjoy making it :)

Those good magnets I heard about (APEX):

Plastic Test Tubes to hold saw blades:

Hegner Multimax 22-V Variable Speed Scroll Saw (Bob):

Magnification light:

Foot switch for scroll saw:

Titebond Quick & Thick Glue:

Pegas Modified Geometry Pinless Scroll Saw Blades Variety Intro Pack:

Star Bond:
Use code: cyscorner for 10% off

Holy Bible New Living Translation:

Music: That’s A Wrap by Kevin MacLeod,

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