Published January 21, 2021 6,072 Views

Rumble NOTE- I can't upload videos on youtube for 2 weeks. Youtube again did not like one of my videos I uploaded.

Like most of you Patriots who love President Trump, yesterday's inauguration was a very tough day! I had so many mixed emotions of anger, sadness, fear because it did not play the way I thought it would play out. However as I started to really think of how I wanted it to play out, where Deepstate and corrupted people will be arrested, I started to realize it could not happen this way. There were a lot of children there that were innocent and to experience something that awful would scar them forever. That is not how President Trump operate. As I started to dig for more info, I started seeing some posts that made more sense on how this can all play out. I wanted to share these posts with you Patriots. I understand your frustrations but I believe we are really near the end where we can see such a beautiful America! I will never lose HOPE! God is with us!

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