Interview With A Dumper

Published January 21, 2021 105 Views

Note Before You Watch! The answers provided are REAL but they are READ.

These are NOT live interviews. It was better for these two dumpers to write out their answers and then read them so that they were deliberate about what they shared and felt good about their answers after giving it some thought.

In the future, I'll try to do some where they don't know the questions ahead of time but there's a lot to consider when you are delving into people's personal lives and they were generous to do what they did.

In this video Coach Lee interviews two people who dumped their ex but found their way back after the people who were dumped followed the Emergency Breakup Kit which you can get at and the Emergency Marriage Kit at

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Why The No Contact Rule Works:

The Mind of Your Ex During No Contact:

What Your Ex Is Feeling During No Contact:

Stages Your Ex Goes Through During No Contact:

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