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How Did You And Me Become Disconnected Dennis Hartman Solo Voice and Guitar An Original Song

l my video entitled "Illegal Dumping City of San Jose" I used an original video and original music to document an expanding problem with homeless people being left to live among heaps of discarded trash, old furniture and abandoned vehicles along Monterey near Union Pacific RR in the City of Coyote in San Jose, California.

The music I featured in the Illegal Dumping video included an instrumental version of my original song called "How Did You And Me Become Disconnected?"

This video includes my original song and it includes another video which documents a second homeless encampment that is just up the road from the first one.

Behind a large divider wall, right in back of the Burger King restaurant, is the location of another large dumping ground and a homeless encampment.

These encampments are popping up all around San Jose and many of the encampments are right next to residents despite of the possible health risks they pose due to Covid.

City Council Person Sergio Jimenez and Mayor Sam Liccardo cleaned up the encampment on Monterey that was the subject of my original video. I hope I speak for all the residents in the area when I say that we really appreciated their rapid response.

However, homelessness is a growing problem that goes beyond cleaning up one encampment,. There is still more work to do to fix the growing homeless problem in San Jose. Many of these people could benefit from drug rehabilitation programs and mental health services.

I hope this video will bring more attention to the homeless problem in San Jose, California and that it might benefit the homeless people in someway to receive more assistance or help.

Lyrics to How Did You And Me Become Disconnected?

How did you and me
Become disconnected?
Are we
Canceled and rejected?
And when
The problem’s dissected
It’s clear
We’ve both been infected...

Verse 1
Don’t want homeless people
In their neighborhood…
Between feces and the garbage
It don’t look good.
Don’t look for a solution
When there’s nothing there...
Just give an inch a ground
If there’s something to spare...

Verse 2
Flashing red lights…
A car stuck in the cold…
Homeless man sleeping
Under a bridge by the road.
A child goes to bed
With nothing to eat;
She can’t sleep when she hears
people fighting in the street.

Verse 3
A drive by shooting…
A hit and run car…
An Amber Alert
They won’t get far.
A crime scene photo…
Yellow tape, “Don’t Cross;”
She was just a little girl…
Another life lost,

Verse 4
A police shooting…
Stand up for Black Lives…
How soon do they forget?
How many more die?
The police killed him…
We heard it on the news;
It only takes one spark
To light the fuse.

Video Credits:
All Video by Molly Hartman
Edits by Dennis Hartman

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