Cats Love Catnip Because It Is A Mosquito Repellant

Published January 20, 2021 131 Views

Rumble Cats seem to love catnip and silvervine, but until recently science didn't know why.
When exposed to catnip or silver vine, cats lick and chew the leaves, and rub their faces against the plants.
Many felines even eat the plants and experience a type of euphoria lasting 5 to 15 minutes.
The effect these plants have on our feline friends has been known for centuries, but scientists didn’t fully understand the purpose.
Researchers have recently discovered Nepetalactol—the most potent active ingredient in catnip.
Nepetalactol provides cats with a chemical defense against mosquitoes, according to research published in Science Advances.
The discovery could explain why cats, whether domesticated cats or wild display similar behaviors after being exposed to these plants.