What it's like to use a De-Googled phone in real life? (Q&A of concerns) | The Washington Pundit

Published January 20, 2021 373 Views

Rumble Rob Braxman

What is it actually like to use a de-Googled Android phone as a daily driver? Will it feel like you became a luddite or a cave man eschewing tech? Is it actually usable? What apps can you run? What about navigation? Will you survive without Google? Does it change how the cell phone works? Does it affect the battery? Do we need to change habits to keep privacy with a de-Googled phone? Do I lose privacy when I log on to another app?

This video discusses the actual real life experience of using Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on a phone without GAPPS (Google Apps). It will discuss what's possible and what the expected limitations are. It will discuss if this is usable as a daily driver.

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