Stealing America: The Long Game (video 8)

Published January 20, 2021 438 Views

Rumble Please be cautioned that there are hard-to-hear facts in this video. This video will share the sad, true, backed-by-evidence facts that child trafficking is a big issue in America and the world, because there is a “market” for it! Sick!

Although, we don’t have all of the facts, what we do have will in deed make you sick. You may feel betrayed. You may feel angry. But, even if all of that is true, God is still on the throne, and we are experiencing His miracle.

We have been conditioned to scoff at the mere mention of the word conspiracy. Once we hear the word, we associate the person who said the word as being “off his rockers,” “insane,” etc. etc. But, we’ve been trained to think that, brainwashed, conditioned.

In 2016, one man (Donald J. Trump) decided he would fight the swamp of Washington D.C. and return the government to its people (with the help of some very brave Patriots.) At that time, I didn’t know what that really meant (drain the swamp—I could only guess) but today I really believe I do. I also believe that as much as I know, I still know nothing, and that scares me. It also scares me that I’ve been able to live much of my life not being able to admit to the ugly truth about the evils that exist in the world. I choose to open my eyes, and keep them open. I am optimistic, excited, and praising Jesus. I have a blessed life, but I know I can do my part to make our lives better and brighter. I am no longer accepting my existence as it is now. Now that I know what I know, I am demanding better and more because it is very possible. Thanks to Donald J. Trump, dedicated and courageous military leaders and patriots all led by God, this is very possible.

From the moment Donald J. Trump and Melania Trump rode that escalator and announced his candidacy, people were out to destroy him. Is it just him, or is it something more? No matter if you like POTUS, or can’t stand him, it’s worth a few hours of your time to review some of what’s out there to help you gather your opinions.

Fast-forward to January 2021. President Donald J. Trump gets impeached. They silence him on Twitter. They impeach him again, just for symbolic purposes, and violate his constitutional rights to an investigation. Why? To silence him! They are telling us lies because they bank on the fact we’re too busy working for them that we don’t have time to pay attention. They inundate us with false narratives, and false flags, but Patriots out there are fighting for our freedoms. They are fighting using the law, using their smarts, not guns and violence.

Don’t be fooled by the narrative that rich, selfish, self-absorbed elite are telling you. They have their own agenda, which is ultimately power and control over all of us. Wait until we tell you the story behind 1871. The roads all lead back there. But for now, you have to know the general facts about what’s going on today. The facts will make you sick!

Although this video series is made by Trump supporters, it is made for all. We're not asking you to believe everything we say, just asking you to have an opinion. Why are we losing our freedoms to pray, to gather, and to work? Think about it.