Washington, D.C. — Now Effectively Under Martial Law

3 years ago

20 January 2021
Washington, D.C.
Yon-Genre Mind-dump without edit

I am looking at the the White House now. The flag is up. President Trump just gave a pep talk and flew to Florida.

I am a war correspondent. Many years experience across the world. I am American.

My Mother’s side landed in Jamestown in 1610 after being shipwrecked on Bermuda in 1609. We know this because an author was aboard. Wrote about it. Shakespeare created a play about it called “The Tempest.”

I’ve spent more than half my life overseas. Not “half my adult life,” but more than half my entire life. Some as a Green Beret, other times as War Correspondent, or doing other things. Lived or travelled in 74 other countries — this does not mean airport stops.

I’ve learned many things. Such as that not all fish will co-exist in the same aquarium.

Spent a great deal of time with communists or in communist countries. You don’t want that. It’s worse than the old people describe.

When I was a kid, old people would say that tyranny was inching to America. That paper money would be abolished. That everything we did would be tracked by tyrants if we do not stand up. They sounded crazy. They sounded crazy then.

But after I lived around the world, they began to sound wise.

Now, troops are everywhere. D.C. is locked down tighter than Beijing or Hong Kong. I got kicked out of Hong Kong last year, and greatly doubt China will let me back into Mainland, or back to Tibet without arrest.

D.C. and this mayor are like something from 1984. Which I decided to read again during pandemic 2020. Read it.

This is my first post on Rumble. I am targeted elsewhere.

This is it. You either Stand and Demand. Or kneel and beg.

Many of these National Guard do not seem happy with this duty.

I am American.

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