Ask Mr. Trump January 16, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Ask Mr. Trump January 16, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

With world governments collapsing like a game of Nine Pins, and all sorts of talk about "restoring the Federal Republic" it is long past the time to discuss what the Federal Republic is.

The Federation of States created the Confederation and the Confederation created the Federal Republic.

The Federal Republic is the American-owned and operated federal Subcontractor providing governmental services under The Constitution for the united States of America.

The Federal Republic was incorporated by the American Government, staffed by loyal Americans, and it protected and served American interests from 1787 until its untimely death in 1860 --- which resulted not via any fault of its own, but because the Confederation which was responsible for funding it, went bye-bye.

So that is what the Federal Republic was, that's who created it, and that's why it ceased functioning.

If we want to restore the Federal Republic (and we do) it is simple enough for the Federation of States, which is now in Session, to renew its charter -- The Constitution for the united States of America.

Then Americans can serve in an American organization to provide governmental services to the American States and People.

The Federation of States can directly oversee the Federal Republic's operations until such time as the Confederation is reconstructed.

Our loyal Territorial State-of-State organizations can be tapped to provide the funding for this venture. And their Trustees can be obliged to remember who their Priority Creditors are.

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