2 years ago

BANNED From YouTube For "Medical Misinformation"

I got my first YouTube warning for “medical misinformation.”

A few months ago (November 15th, 2020), I interviewed a Vietnamese-American woman about the rallies she’s been hosting. A few minutes into the short, 3 minute video, she shared that she wasn’t scared of the virus due to the high survival rate (99.98% according to the CDC for people under 49) and only wears a mask when she’s inside of a business.

Her OPINION and explaining how she’s handling the circumstances is enough to get your content banned these days. Unreal. You literally can only parrot the narrative that COVID is deadly and dangerous and that we should all be terrified and staying home. Anything that deviates is “medical misinformation.”

Didn’t BLM just have a massive crowded rally in NYC yesterday? Isn’t that worse than this Vietnamese-American woman outside, alone & socially distanced?

Please follow me on Rumble where I don’t have to worry about censorship. And I was already worried about censorship on YouTube and made an effort to keep my content above board.

Strange to get a strike on January 19, 2021 for a video that’s been live since November 2020.

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