202118.Ouch! - Ouch!

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Rumble 202118.ouch!
Total time: 1 Hour 3 minutes

Concept Sketch
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Vetex Paint
Eevee Engine

The advent of the automobile......
Reckless driving humans appeared.
People who were killed and injured by crashes appeared,
The bodies of all kinds of animals that were hit and killed also appeared.
Then came the traffic laws.
Pedestrian crosswalks appeared.
Various traffic signs appeared.
Driver's license exams appeared.
Various kinds of fees appeared.
Various kinds of driver training classes appeared.
Gas stations appeared on the roadside.
Car washes on the roadside appeared.
Tire repair shops appeared on the roadside.
Auto repair shops appeared on the roadside.
Used car stores appeared.
Used tires also appeared,
Auto insurers and insurance premiums also appeared.
Traffic police appeared.
Traffic cameras and traffic speed detectors appeared.
Traffic violators appeared.
Various traffic tickets appeared.
Air pollution from car exhausts appeared.
Environmental protection fees for automobiles also appeared.
Automobile license tax and automobile fuel tax appeared.
The automobile supervisors and scalpers also appeared.
The woods are gone, the parking lots are here.
The roadside parking space hogging thing appeared.
The parking spaces on the roadside appeared.
There is a parking building.
People who open doors and park for you appear.
The people who fight over parking have appeared.
--Car thieves also appeared .......
After the emergence of highway
Freeway serial car accidents also appeared.
The emergence of highway traffic jams.
The highway road rage group appeared.
The emergence of highway racing people.
People who use their cars as their homes.
There are people who commit suicide in their cars.
There are people and animals locked in cars and roasted to death in the sun.
There are motels.
There are car-shockers.
There are junkyards for cars.
This is the so-called leading industry; the "economic benefits" of a car. There are more and more I can't list because I'm too stupid to drive. Please add .....

--Once a consumer product is in the hands of hundreds of millions of people, the catastrophe that will result cannot and will not be limited.

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