God's Message to the Unprepared - David Wilkerson - The Vision - Episode 6

Published January 19, 2021 16 Views

Rumble The Vision is a prayerfully compiled exploration of David Wilkerson's vision about the world and church’s future. In chapter 6, he discusses how natural disasters, wars and illnesses like cancer will begin to spread and cause incredible devastation, and the following are some signs of this time:

• Israel will rise as a world power as prophesied in the Bible
• Rampant famines will come along with devastating diseases and pollution
• A war will start in the Middle East, centered around Israel

All of the events from previous chapters are leading to the great tribulation and rise of the antichrist foretold in Revelations, but faithful Christians will recognize that these are signs of God's kingdom coming and take hope in Jesus’ quick return. - https://wcm.link/v6r