Bill Gates Boasts About his DNA-Chopping Potion

3 years ago

Bill Gates Boasts to the Public About his DNA-Changing “Vaccine.” More like a lethal injection, a potion for transhumanism, or a poison.

It’s not some secret that this DNA changing potion is going to change your DNA forever. He’s very proud to tell us about this. It’s not even adding DNA it’s taking away something that is essential, and the VMAT2 gene which is taken away has nothing to do with sickness, viruses, or immunity.

The RNA produces a protein in gour cells which acts like a scissors and goes onto your DNA and chops off your entire DNA helix at a certain point. DNA chopped in half.

The purpose is to take away one particular gene, VMAT2 which has nothing to do with sickness immunity or the coronavirus. It has to do with your mental thought processes and the way your brain develops, deep thinking, logic. This vaccine is mind altering. It will alter the way your brain works and will cause you to think differently in your mind. You will lose something it takes away your jeans it’s not adding anything.

VMAT2 causes your brain to have the ability to think about God and the supernatural, the ability to have strong opinions, to love, the ability to have passions and enjoy things, to think about things deeply so you don’t get into danger, decision making about how to live your life to avoid pain, the ability to believe in and have morals, philosophy of mind, to care about big concepts like the world or planet earth or humanity or your neighbors down the street, it’s the gene that activates the parts of your mind which think about morals philosophy having strong opinions, and willpower so that you will be a submissive subservient nonhuman communist drone.

It’s transhumanist... you’re not gonna be fully human anymore after you take the vax. It is literally going to deliberately mutate your human DNA to be something different. The mutagenic but it’s not adding stuff or changing stuff, it’s actually taking stuff away. It’s just deletion.

You’re gonna lose part of yourself and you’re not gonna get anything in return. And it’s also very deadly and unhealthy for you. And the worst effects will not develop until 3 to 5 years afterwards.... it takes a while for your cells to spread like a cancer until you don’t have any original DNA cells left....

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