My Personal Story: Obamacare Is Driving Me to Debt

Published January 18, 2021 17 Views

Rumble I’m a poor person and I can’t afford Obamacare or health insurance and I don’t really need it either. Being forced to buy healthcare insurance is severely hurting me.

Against the United States Constitution, and in a perversion of justice at the highest level, states and feds are forcing people like me who are poor who have no or little income who cannot afford even the most cheap health insurance per month, they’re forcing me to pay something that I can’t afford and don’t need, so it literally is going to drive me into debt and if I had any last remnant of savings they’re going to take that away from me with the monthly fee for healthcare, or else they’ll text me into oblivion, which is using taxation not to support a government but just to crash and obliterate a certain subset of society with a certain financial demographic..... for something that I don’t need or want, and then I really will be penniless and on the street.

It hurts people in poverty like me. And the purpose is not to help anybody the purpose is to make a society where there’s a minimum entry level of where you’re allowed to participate in society you have to at least make enough money to afford health insurance otherwise the government has the right to axe you. It’s a return to poorhouses isn’t workhouses. It’s outlawry, it’s making it outlaw to be so poor that you can’t afford health insurance, and if you are poor and you’re saving your money do not spend it at all except for the most necessary of costs, you can’t do that you have an extremely high monthly premium that you have to pay so that you can’t last more than a couple months.

It’s not an accident that’s the point. Get on the railway car. That’s what they’re telling us.