International Actors and Big Corporations

Published January 18, 2021 43 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble Study shows Covid lockdowns found very little positive impact, Biden rolls out executive order plans, big corporations side with Democrats, and finally Debunking the fifteen dollar minimum wage.

AOC calls for funding to ‘deradicalize’ white supremacists:

International Study finds lockdowns had no clear benefit vs. other voluntary measures:

Doctor Fauci warns of two new variant strains of covid-19:

Investigators pursuing signs that capitol riots were planned:

Trump directs government to review ways to not purchase Chinese goods:

Biden to sign a dozen executive orders on day one in office:

Democrats, Younger voters in favor of more foreign involvement in U.S. economy:

Debunking Joe Biden’s case for $15 minimum wage:

Global big corporations siding with democrats this election cycle:

Rasmussen poll 23% say the country is headed in the right direction:

REPORT: Frenchman Sent $500,000 To People Involved In Capitol Building Riot, And Then Died By Suicide:

Investigation was antifa responsible for capitol hill riot: