Great Dane puppy does zoomies in the fresh snowfall

Published January 18, 2021 9,896 Views $39.28 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRaven is an 11 month old Great Dane puppy with a love for life that is a thrill to watch. Like all puppies, she is full of energy and enthusiasm. A large Great Dane at full gallop is a beautiful sight but Raven is also adorably clumsy with her legs that are long and gangly. She runs like freight train full of joy and happiness when she discovers the yard full of freshly fallen snow. This is Raven's first winter and she is overjoyed at the opportunity to play.

Raven's owner had brought her outside with the intention of taking her in the car to the nearby forest for a long walk on the leash, but Raven was having such fun running around free that he decided to let her have her moment before they got into the car. She can't decide which direction to go in as she runs around in circles at full tilt. After a few minutes, Raven grew tired and willingly got into the car for her daily forest time.

Great Danes are one of the most beautiful and loveable dog breed and anyone who owns one usually falls completely in love with the breed. They are strong, noble, protective, and incredibly affectionate. After a day running and playing, they are content to stretch out on the couch and sleep as their humans relax and watch television or sit by the fire.