#227 4-30-19 Liz Warren Defends Treasonous Judge

Published January 17, 2021 18 Views

Rumble 00:00 Elizabeth Warren
04:00 Robert Mueller not happy with AG
06:00 Ilhan Omar Demand Vengeance Against Trump For Quoting Her
11:00 Trump Sues To Prevent Bank Disclosure
16:00 Why don't white Dems drop out of race?
31:00 China Moves Against “Little Fresh Meat” K-Pop Scourge
41:00 ‘Overrun,’ ‘Outbred,’ ‘Replaced’: Why Ethnic Majorities Lash Out Over False Fears
1:00:00 Sri Lanka bans face veils
1:10:00 Failure Analysis: Charlottesville
1:15:00 Convicted killer accused of torturing, beheading cellmate
1:19:00 Paul Harvey's 1965 essay: If I Were The Devil...
1:29:00 Rose McGowan’s iconic VMA dress was a response to sexual assault
1:33:00 PSA reminds viewers driving while high is a really bad idea
1:35:00 Can the heartland meritocrat Mayor Pete be a traitor to his class?
1:59:00 Minecraft Creator Markus “Notch” Persson Excluded from 10 Year Anniversary Plans by Microsoft
2:09:00 Pup Play Gays
2:22:00 Don't huff aerosol while driving, kids!
2:27:00 Massachusetts museum condemns use of its art by German far-right party

1. Liz Warren Defends Treasonous Judge
2. Ilhan Omar Demand Vengeance Against Trump For Quoting Her
3. Trump Sues To Prevent Bank Disclosure
4. Suicide Soars After Netflix Airs Suicide Show
5. If White Democrats Are So Guilty About Their “Privilege,” Why Don’t They Drop Out Of The Race?
6. Faith Goldy Namechecked By Morrissey & Hounded By Antifa
7. China Moves Against “Little Fresh Meat” K-Pop Scourge

Suicides up after Netflix show: http://news.trust.org/item/20190429231128-iqoqz













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