Near collision with UFO captured on camera

Published January 17, 2021 70,862 Views $27.32 earned

Passenger captured a UFO on video while on board a plane heading to Zurich Airport. The passenger was about to record the landing but after minutes he witnessed a near collision with a UFO. The pilot followed safety protocol, the engines roared, and passengers panicked. The pilot managed to avoid the unidentified flying object and made a safe landing at Zurich Airport later on. Date and time of the event: January 17th, 2021 between 7:30 and 7:50 am.

The passenger describes this as UFO because the identity of the flying object is unknown. It is not a drone or a bird because of its invisibility on radar. A pilot cannot see a drone or bird coming because of the small size.

This video proves that the pilot is aware and prepared to dodge the UFO.

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